Caregiver Affirmations

Caregivers for Alzheimer’s and dementia face special challenges and many responsibilities. Be sure you are taking care of yourself and staying strong emotionally. Join one of our Caregiver Support Groups available in many cities or our online community, ALZConnected. In the meantime, we hope these thoughts listed below help guide your mind in a positive, healthy direction. And, as always, you can call us anytime at 1.800.272.3900 for support.

  1. I will hold on to my passions, because they are the essence of who I am
  2. I will give myself credit for staying strong despite being pushed to my limits
  3.  I will forgive myself when I occasionally blow it
  4. I will look for the gifts that only this type of tragedy can afford
  5. I will let the love flow, even when it is hard
  6. I will expect that some people will find it difficult to visit my loved one. That’s okay—it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped caring.
  7.  I will make meaning out of this disease
  8. I will do one thing for myself this month
  9. I will ask one person to do one thing for me this month
  10.  I will accept help from one person this month
  11.  I will give myself credit for what I have accomplished
  12.  I will accept the limits of what I can do
  13. I will forgive myself in advance
  14.  I will accept that very minute is a chance to start over
  15.  I am not alone because I have my support group members Even though I feel the stress of caring for my loved one, I am thankful to have them in my life.
  16. I know that I have done my best even if I fall short of what others expect of me Given the choices, I made the best decision at the time. My choices may be limited and beyond my control, yet I make the best decision I can.
  17. There are no perfect solutions and no perfect families. If I had selected another course of action, I might now be having doubts about that as well. Things probably would have been worse if I had done nothing.
  18. New problems are not related to what I did or didn’t do.
  19. I know it’s easy to second guess or criticize from a distance. It is not possible to compare one person to another. Choices, options and lives are different.
  20. I can only do my best. I can’t do it all.
  21. I must consider “good-enough-for-now” solutions.
  22. Family members have competing needs and loyalties. I choose to stay focused on my loved one.
  23. Compromise is necessary for each to get some of what they need and want. We must continue to celebrate good times as a family and feel good about what we have been able to do for and with each other.

You can print out these Caregiver Affirmations HERE.


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