Why I Walk – Tim Roche



Why do I walk? I walk for a lot of reasons. I walk for my grandma that was diagnosed
with Alzheimer’s four years ago. I walk for my grandfather whose health deteriorated from the stress of seeing his wife forget who he was. I walk for my mom who is the most incredible caregiver and woman that I know, and who shows me every day what it means to truly love and care for someone. Most of all, I walk for hope. I know the struggle of seeing how Alzheimer’s affects not only the person with the disease, but all of the people who love them. It’s not easy and I know that there are millions of other people just like me who have faced the same struggle. The Walks to End Alzheimer’s are so much more than just a Walk. They are symbols of hope and support for every person affected by the disease. If you have ever been to a Walk, IMG_2140.JPGyou know how incredible it is to see tons of people coming together to support a common cause. It really is a beautiful event and touches everyone who walks, volunteers or is involved. I walk because if other young people my age who are the future see how much I care, maybe they will too. That’s why I walk.

Why do you?

#WhyIwalk #Walk2Endalz #ENDALZ


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