Why I Walk – Neil Flynn

IMG_3289 (1)I had multi-colored purple (i like to call it lavender) highlights put in my hair in honor of my parents, both of whom have been afflicted with dementia. Purple is the trademark color of Alzheimer’s and their annual Walk is 10/14. Any time my testosterone level dropped when thinking about having the coloring done, all I had to do was think about how this cruel disease has wrecked havoc on two non-deserving people. My Mom is 94 years old. Tomorrow, she won’t remember today. For over five years my Dad progressively worsened until he had to be institutionalized, for his safety and the safety of others. He hated every minute of every day and always wanted out. He IMG_3287wanted out so bad, he pulled the fire alarm, knowing confusion would entail and he’d have a better chance at escaping. Another time, as I was going up the elevator to visit him, the elevator door opened and there he was with his walker ready to escape. I lovingly said, “Get your a_s back in there.” I miss him more now than ever.


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