Tips for Family Celebrations

4 Tips for Family Celebrations with an Alzheimer’s Loved One 

2016_CareAndSupportShoot_Chicago_DayTwo_131.JPGAttending family events and milestone celebrations is the cornerstone to maintaining a certain quality of life beneficial to a loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, the disease does bring about changes in how one needs to engage and interact with the patient. Ensuring a stable and stress-free environment is important and able to be accomplished by the following helpful information.

Familiarize Guests 

As there may have been some considerable time since your family members last saw your loved one with Alzheimer’s, it is important to consider any significant changes that they may witness in them that are common to the condition. In doing so, communicate with these members ahead of time to explain what they may notice and what to do in certain situations. For example, let them know that, when being greeted by the loved one, he or she should stay calm if they touch their face instead of verbalizing anything.

Adjust Expectations 


Some planned activities for a particular get-together may be overwhelming for your loved one with Alzheimer’s. It may come to be too physically or mentally challenging for them, or there may simply be too many people present for comfort. Eliminating a few activities while choosing to keep some is helpful, while ensuring a smaller, more intimate event may be in their best interest as well.



Involve Your Loved One 

Including your loved one and making them feel like a vital part to any activity is always a good idea. This may involve having them help with food preparation, or having them socialize with the guests. Whatever they’re passionate about, focus on that.

Make Traditions Portable 

The need to make some changes to established traditions may come with the challenges associated with having a loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease. However, there can still be a possibility of a memorable and valuable experience for everybody. If they are in a nursing home or cannot leave the house, bring the celebration to them and allow for them to be in the most comfortable situation possible.

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