The Longest Day with Gary Koski

The longest day of the year will be June 20 th and on behalf of Eastbrooke Gardens, Gary Koski will participate in a 16 hour triathlon to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. The triathlon will commence at 5am from the Downtown Orlando, YMCA and concludes at the Winter Springs, Tijuana Flats at 9pm.

Gary will complete the following:
 Swimming (5hrs & 20mins);

 Cycling (5hrs & 20mins); and

 Running (5hrs & 20mins).

Gary will complete most the activities solo except the running portion where he will be joined by his brother, Steve Koski, who has graciously, offered to accompany him. Gary is the Activities Director at Eastbrooke Gardens and has witnessed the effects this disease has on the elderly population. As the Activity Director Gary and his staff work to engage the residents with their cognitive functions and ensure they are continuously entertained to minimize distress or frustration brought on by this progressive disease. The staff at Eastbrooke Gardens is incredibly proud that Gary has opted to take on this event and will be cheering him along with his wife, Catharine Koski. We invite all to come and congratulate him at Tijuana Flats on the Monday, June 20 th between 8-10PM. If you mention his name or Eastbrooke Gardens upon your order a portion of your receipt will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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