Blondes vs. Brunettes Spotlights

Support Team Blondes or Team Brunettes! Either way we all win!

PAMELA – Captain Team Blondes

“This is my second year playing and I am so happy to be back! This is my first year as
Captain of the Blondes and I’m honored to be able to lead my team to a win!

I BVB to honor my patients who have trust in me during this scary and confusing time in their life as they battle Alzheimer’s. I work as a PTA in both a hospital and a skilled nursing facility. I think it’s important to advocate for those people who don’t have anyone fighting for them. I also really enjoy the social aspect and helping to spread the word of Alzheimer’s to the younger generation.

I am proud to be involved with an organization that is fighting for a cure to a disease that destroys families and changes who you once knew. GO BLONDES!”




DAN – Coach of Team Brunettes

This is Dan Brackett’s second year coaching Team Brunettes. Dan knows that though it’s important to beat the Blondes for a second year in a row, it’s more important to win the fight against a disease that affects 5.4 million Americans.

He is proud to be part of an event that involves camaraderie and competitive spirit to raise awareness and money in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.



PACE – Coach for Team Blondes

“I’m playing football this year in this exciting, unique fundraiser to honor the memory of my grandfather who passed from Alzheimer’s disease. With our family’s personal struggle, I realized this disease affects so many people. Blondes vs. Brunettes is a great way for me to do my part to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. I mean, what could be a better way to have fun and give back to such a worthy cause then to play some football?!

This is my first year playing; and I can tell you I’m already having fun at our practices and meeting such a great group of people! I look forward to continuing with this amazing effort and play a great game of football on May 14th! No matter who actually wins; we’re all winning because we’re working on beating Alzheimer’s disease!”


SAM – Coach for Team Brunettes

This is Sam’s first year as Team Brunette coach and “I’m having a great time!” he says. Along with having fun, that is not the only reason he participates in BvB. “I want to support families dealing with this disease that don’t have an advocate” he says.

A long time football player, Sam is lending his skills to teach the brunettes the secrets of success on the field. Sam adds “I know we are making an impact and I am happy to be part of such a great experience. Go Brunettes!”


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