Blondes vs. Brunettes Players Spotlight

Whose side are you on? Support Team Blondes or Team Brunettes here. When we play football, everyone wins! #TackleAlzheimers together.


Erin wanted to volunteer for an important cause that touched the people around her. “Playing flag football with other young professionals in Tallahassee is such a great way to give my time to a disease that affects so many women,” she says.


“Alzheimer’s is a disease that needs a major spotlight cast upon it. Over 5 million Americans are living with it; 2/3 of those are women – and women make up 72% of the caregivers. That places us (women) at the heart of this crisis. Blondes vs. Brunettes creates a fun, competitive atmosphere that helps us raise money for women in our community and across America. I’m excited about the 2016 game and hitting our goal!” she adds.

Erin K 1


Neketa plays because it is such a great cause. “The game in Tallahassee not only raises money to assist in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but more importantly it brings awareness to many people that the disease is real – and recognizing symptoms early on is best,” says Neketa.


“My great grandmother lost her fight with Alzheimer’s disease – which was a sad and unfortunate introduction into the devastation of this healthcare crisis for me and my family,” she adds. Neketa knows that over 5.3 Americans will lose this same fight and over 500,000 of them are Floridians.


Through the Blondes vs Brunettes Flag Football game and the Alzheimer’s Association, she feels the community is moving closer to one day finding a cure. “I want to do what I can; and this is an amazing way to help,” says Neketa.


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