ALZ Across the Country

Lauren Lueders is more than just a dedicated staff member on the Constituents Events Team — she is someone who has been touched deeply by Alzheimer’s. Both of her grandmothers had dementia, and she experienced upsetting changes in their personalities as she lost them to the disease. Her father-in-law is currently living with Alzheimer’s and her mother-in-law passed away in June 2015 from the disease. So when Lauren speaks about The Longest Day she speaks with passion — and when she takes action, she does so wholeheartedly!

Macie getting ready

While promoting her activities for The Longest Day last year, Lauren mobilized people from across the country to donate and join her team. Friends, family and co-workers came forward  to help. This year, she set an aggressive goal: to recruit at least one team team member from each of the 50 states!

Joan finishing her day

Lauren has already recruited 38 members to her Anywhere Team and has representation from 22 states so far. Some team members are kayaking, running and walking for 16 hours; some are participating for only a few hours — each person is choosing to fight Alzheimer’s in his or her own way. That’s what makes The Longest Day so unique: What you do is up to you!

Click here to learn more about Alz Across the Country

 Riding into the sunset



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