The Long Distance Fight – Running for a Cure on The Longest Day


Larissa’s Challengers

Sisters Larissa Seda and Teresa Lopez don’t live in the same city, but they came together on The Longest Day to raise funds and awareness in honor of their mother, who is living in the late stage of Alzheimer’s.

playing bridgeIn Florida, Larissa walked 15 miles with friends and neighbors who came to support her along the way. Even a late-afternoon lightning storm could not derail her efforts — after getting soaked by the rain, she returned to walking, this time dressed in a purple bandana and tutu, carrying purple balloons.

In Puerto Rico, Teresa, an avid athlete, challenged herself to run a 50-mile marathon. Along the route, she was joined by friends, family and local running groups providing massages and fuel to finish her journey. She sold T-shirts, glowsticks and water bottles to increase her fundraising total. As she crossed the finish line, one of her children placed a crown of flowers on her head and the crowd cheered.

For their team, social media was key in getting the word out and raising money. “We personalized our Facebook page and used resources provided by the Alzheimer’s Association,” Larissa. “People connected with us quickly!”

By participating in The Longest Day, Teresa and Larissa found a way to honor their mother while moving the cause forward. “When you look back, you feel gratification at seeing that you did something to work toward a future without Alzheimer’s,” Larissa said.

“Many times we do things without a reason or a motive,” Teresa added. “Others we do with all our heart, and this occupied my whole being.”


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