Introducing Walking Wanda!


The Alzheimer’s Association: Central and North Florida Chapter is pleased to announce the newest addition to our family, Walking Wanda! Inspired by our family in New York City (, we loved her so much that we had to bring her home to the Sunshine State! We know she will steal your hearts right away, as well.

Research has shown that stuffed animals spark a bond with individuals in stress and may give them a chance to feel secure – especially those with high levels of dissociation. Walking Wanda has been chosen to be our community uplifter, spirit booster, nurturer, and advocate.

She wants to give a helping hand to all those affected by Alzheimer’s – both patients and their loved ones! As an elephant, Walking Wanda has the reputation for never forgetting! She never forgets who she is walking for. We are all in this together and she is stomping hard to help end Alzheimer’s disease. Walking Wanda is ready to make her big debut as we begin enter our favorite time of the year – Walk season! Be sure to come out and say hello to her – even get your picture taken with our new gal (Follow her and her adventures on Instagram: @AlzCNFL and #WalkingWandaCNFL). She wants to meet each and every one of you to show her appreciation for all the support this community has given! Keep and eye out and always remember #ENDALZ

Click the link below to find a walk nearest you!

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